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Great emphasis is laid on Academics as this is one of the important prerequisites for a successful future for boys. Science, Commerce and Humanities streams are offered. However, subjects from different streams can be combined as per the aptitude and preferences of students. The medium of instruction is English but equal importance is given to Hindi too. We have an optimal Student Teacher ratio of 10:1.

We follow the CBSE as well as the Cambridge (IGCSE) curricula. We also develop our own customised pedagogy and innovative classroom practices which have been very effective. A key component in these innovations is the use of Technology.


Technologies of the Future

Even non-engineers and non-technical individuals will need to be able to appreciate technology in order to be successful in the world of tomorrow. So great emphasis is laid on the use of technology in our curriculum. The school has partnered with Microsoft to leverage technology to teach 21st Century Skills to the students and enhance their learning experience using ‘Surface Pro’ devices. All class rooms are equipped with Smart Boards and have Wi-Fi connectivity to effectively assimilate technology in teaching. All the Labs, Classrooms, Resource Center, Libraries, Offices, Boarding Houses and the Staff Residences are centrally networked. Intranet and Internet facilities are widely available but strictly supervised to enable students and staff to access educational and multimedia content from anywhere in the campus.

We have an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics Lab on campus where students are taught how to make robots from scratch and then to program them using C++ and Python.

The school is also equipped with a 3 D scanner and printer. Students are taught how to feed models into the computer to create three dimensional solid objects. 3 D printing (also called additive manufacturing) is already being used to make everything from homes to aircraft and its use is likely to expand in the coming years.

Faculty that keeps abreast with the best pedagogies

Effective learning also requires great teachers. Mayo College takes pride in its experienced and extremely competent faculty. A lot of emphasis is laid on Faculty Development. Besides regular In-House training, our faculty regularly participates in workshops, seminars and orientation programmes in India and abroad, conducted by CBSE, IPSC, IIT and IIM. Every year the school invites leading experts to deliver lectures and training sessions for our staff with the aims of ensuring that they remain updated with the latest trends in education and that their Soft Skills are constantly enhanced.
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Campus as a Classroom

Our campus serves as a rich environment to promote learning. For example, we have the largest School Museum in the country. This is being used as a rich resource for teaching various subjects. Age specific Tool Kits have been created by Museologists to facilitate this. Our 187 acre lush green campus in the lap of nature lends itself as a great source of learning. as do the frequent trips, tours and expeditions that our students undertake.

Giving students the international edge

The Vision Statement of Mayo College is to “Build on tradition and prepare global leaders with character”.
The world is increasingly becoming boundary-less and if a boy has to succeed, he should have an appreciation of global affairs and be able to function comfortably in any part of the world. To give our students an international perspective, every year we send a certain percentage of them for exchange programmes and projects overseas to countries like Australia, South Africa, Germany, France, USA and UK.

We are members of Round Square which is an association of 180 schools in 40 countries. In addition, we have direct Exchange Programs with many schools where our students spend anything from a fortnight to 3 months overseas. As a reciprocal gesture, we host students from such schools. The number of inbound foreign students at Mayo is among the highest in the country.

We also have Sports-centric Exchange Programmes with countries such as England, Australia, Egypt and Russia. This covers various Sports such as Football, Riding and more. By the time a student passes out of Mayo, he is confident of taking on the world.

Mayo College Students

Designer: Martina Skuce


Designer: Martina Skuce


Looking beyond Class 12

At Mayo, we believe that it is our responsibility to prepare our students for life beyond Class 12.

An education from Mayo equips students with the essential life skills to cope, innovate and lead. To help students make the transition to the world of higher education and careers, Mayo has a Comprehensive Career Guidance and Counselling Programme that focuses on helping them make informed choices about their future.
Towards the end of their stay at Mayo, most boys have a clear idea of what they want to study next. But getting admission into the top notch institutions is not easy because of extreme competition. Mayo gives boys the choice of expert guidance in different fields for exams such as PSAT / SAT, JEE and CLAT. It is also a centre for Trinity College, London Speech, Drama and Music Examinations.

The process of Career Guidance, Counselling and preparation starts from class IX onwards. The Mayo Career Guidance Centre aims to provide every student, from class IX to XII, customized one on one support for stream and subject selection, identifying areas of strength, defining preferred career paths, building desired skills and competitive portfolios and selecting 'Good Fit' colleges/ universities. Experts’ lectures, Psychometric tests, University meets, Career Fairs and intensive Career Counselling is undertaken with students of classes IX to XII. This Centre runs an internship programme for students and also a Career fair for students which is attended by a host of national and international universities.

Mayo students have got admission into some of the best Colleges and Universities in India and abroad. For an indicative list

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