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Combined with Academics and Sports, Co-curricular activities at Mayo help in making a well-rounded individual. Mayo offers boys various cultural activities, technical skills, art, music, community service, hobbies, societies and clubs.

The emphasis is on hands-on learning.



Every student is exposed to a wide variety of musical instruments

The Department of Music has over 50 types of instruments - both Western as well as Indian

Teaching is done by experts in every field such as Tabla, Sitar, Violin and Ukulele

The School has its own Brass Band, Western Band (called “Arpeggios”) and a School Choir

Mayo is an examination centre for the Trinity College London for music


Inspiration is provided by the heritage buildings, colourful flora and fauna on the campus

Numerous famous painters have painted on the spot in the presence of students. These include MF Hussain and Paresh Maity

These paintings are part of the School repertoire.

Students learn sketching, painting, sculpture making, pottery, photography, screen printing, clay modelling, ceramics, wood carving, carpet weaving, recycled paper making, art conservation and development.

Designer: Martina Skuce

Designer: Martina Skuce


Technical Skills Development

An Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Lab is housed at the Technical Skills Development Centre

The Centre teaches hands-on learning in Glasswork, Metalwork and Woodwork

Students are trained to operate 3 D printers, 3D scanners and CNC routers

Students are taught how to use both machines (such as lathes) as well as hand tools (such as drills and saws)

Students are also trained in traditional stained glasswork

Cultural Activities

Students learn and participate in competitions in drama, debate, elocution, creative writing, quizzing and gardening. There are competitions in art and music too.

All festivals and occasions of all faiths are celebrated with great fervour the Campus

We have Distinguished Speaker Series and Old Boys’ Series where artists, scientists, environmentalists, other experts and renowned personalities from different fields interact with the boys

Designer: Martina Skuce

Designer: Martina Skuce


Community Service

Community Service is conducted at three levels – within the school, in and around the city and at the global level

Students participate in international service projects at the global level

We inculcate social responsibility, dignity of labour and cultural sensitivity

Hobbies, Societies and Clubs

We offer students the choice of dozens of activities which will allow for the development of their personality and social skills. The specific activity to be pursued is left to the individual’s choice. However, every student has to be a member of a society or club while at Mayo.

The Hobbies offered at Mayo are

3D Printing



Automobile Engineering

Book Craft

Brass band



Carpet Weaving

Clay Modelling

Commercial Art

Drums Band


Indian Classical Orchestra

Jazz Music





Sculpturing & Wood Carving

Brass band

Western Classical Music

Wood Work

Designer: Martina Skuce

Designer: Martina Skuce


The different Societies and Clubs at Mayo are

Adult Education Society

Adventure Sports Club

Aero Modeling Society


Chemistry Club

Community Service Society

Cray Computer Club

Dramatics Society

Drums Band

French Society

Geographical Society

German Society

Hindi Debating Society

Hindi Literary Society

Indian Music Society

Interact Club

Lalit Kala Parishad

Mathematics Club

Mountaineering & Trekking Club

NCC Photography Club

Physics Society

Psychology Quizzing Club

Science Club

The Astronomy Club

The Cinematography Society

The English Debating Society

The Natural History Society

The Entertainment Society

The MUN Society

The Museum Society

The Natural History Society

The SangeetParishad

The Scouting Club

Western Musical Band

Because of the diverse range of activities he is exposed to, it is said that there
is nothing a Mayoite cannot do!

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