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Env Park & Golf Course

Creation of the Mayo College Environment Park with Polo Ground and Golf Course is the fruit of the joint efforts of the Mayo fraternity and the fulfillment of a dream. Metamorphosis of this area from the arid scrub and stony waste to verdant parkland was a five year effort which started in 2004 with the assistance of the Jaipur Chapter. Thereafter the planning and designing of the Golf Course was undertaken by Ranjit Nanda Associates assisted by the Delhi Chapter. Raising of resources was a major exercise which involved a very large number of Old Boys and a sustained effort in 2007 and 2008. A modern sprinkler system for perennial irrigation has been laid out and latest maintenance equipment has been provisioned. Each of the nine fairways has three tees, i.e. 'Championship', 'Regular' or 'Ladies' meeting requirement of a regular Golf Course.

The park has myriad benefits. Apart from greening the vast tract, raising subsoil water levels and changing the climate of the area, it will be home to a large number of trees, animals and birds at the five ponds which trap the rain water. It provides students a medium for inculcating love for the habitat, a lesson in forestation, water preservation and practical experience in combating environmental degradation and preparing them to meet the challenges of the future. Creation of this course is testimony to the monumental effort of the entire Mayo fraternity, well-wishers and major help rendered by the Indian Army-kind courtesy Lt General Aditya Singh, PVSM, AVSM(Retd) who was the Project Director and Chairman, Mayo College Committee at the time of execution of the Project. The Environment Park was inaugurated by H H Maharaja Gaj Singh of Jodhpur, President General Council on 29 Nov 2008.

Contributions received from:
Mr Karan Bhalla
Mr Bharat Kamte
Mr Vikram Tannon
Mayo College Alumni Association of Southern India, Bengaluru
Mr Rajeev Somani
Mr Karan and Kapil Grover
Lt Gen Aditya Singh PVSM, AVSM **
Mayo College Alumni, North East Chapter
Mehta Charitable Trust
Mayo College Old Boys’ Association, Delhi-Class of 1987
Maharana Mewar Charitable Foundation, Udaipur
Mr Atul Khanna
Mr Shailender Rai
Mayo College Old Boys’ Society, Ajmer
Mr Jag Dhanoa
Mr Vivek Talwar
Class of 1972-73

Kangra Amphitheatre

The panoramic view of Kangra Amphitheatre is as shown below. Kindly click on the image to zoom in.

Danmal Mathur Museum

Jhalawar House, which currently houses the College Museum and Art School was built in 1875, by His Late Highness Maharaja Rana Zalim Singh II. He stayed at this very house during his stay in Mayo College along with his guardian.

The Museum, considered to be one of the best school museum in the world, was founded by Mr Danmal Mathur, in the year 1948-49, in the Jhalawar House. It was idea of the then Principal of Mayo College, Mr T N Vyas.

Currently, the museum has 18 rooms with 10 types of collections ranging from sculpture to geology to arms and armoury, and over 2000 artifacts. One of the most important and unique collection the museum holds is that of the Mayo History Collection, which showcases important objects, portraits, photographs, stamps and various memorabilia, showcasing the glorious history of the school.

Another unique attribute of the museum, not even a single artifact has been bought, the entire collection comprises of artifacts either acquired through donation or through collection, and the upkeep of the museum is undertaken enthusiastically by the students as well.

Another way of student participation in the museum is through the newly introduced a hands-on museum education initiative by the school, where the students attend classes of different subjects within the museum and try to solve and interpret different problems, activities, and exercises, related to their curriculum with the help of the objects present in the museum.

The collection in Danmal Mathur Museum is not only the most important and prized one but it has unique attributes as well. For such a historical, and prestigious institution, it is apparent that it will boast of a marvellous history and heritage, which should be preserved and showcased in the best way.

Dr Mohit Mohan Mathur
Master I/c, Danmal Mathur Museum

Dr Kanika Mondal
Collection Manager & Archivist

The Official Newsletter of the Mayo College History & Museum Society

Oman Guest House

  1. Bookings are taken 15 days prior to the date and can be cancelled in case of meetings / official functions.
  2. Bookings can be done by emailing on or calling Bursar on +91-7849997550.

Bookings are only taken for Old Boys, Parents, Staff, and Official Guests

Old Boys & Staff
Parents & Other Guests
Single Occupancy Double Occupancy Single Occupancy Double Occupancy
Rs 2,000/- Rs 2,200/- Rs 2,800/- Rs 3,000/-
The main gate closes from 2300H – 0500H. Please plan your arrival / departure accordingly.
Code of Conduct
    1. On Arrival.
      1. Present a proof of identity.
      2. Enter your details in the entry register kept in the office.
      3. Apprise yourself of the applicable tariff and charges.
      4. Please don’t ask for additional bed or mattress in your room.
    1. During Stay.
      1. Personal Code of Conduct.
        1. Be appropriately dressed when you step out of your room, in consideration of other resident guests.
        2. Be courteous and considerate towards staff as well as other guests.
        3. Abstain from smoking publicly.
        4. Drinking is not permitted in the Guest House.
      1. General Code of Conduct.
        1. Keep room and the common areas clean and tidy at all times.
        2. Maintain peace and quiet during 2300H – 0700H.
        3. Only breakfast is served. Please do not consume food in the room brought from outside.
        4. Take care of the infrastructure, fittings and fixtures. Please do not move any furniture nor fix any objects to the walls.
        5. Keep room locked when you leave the Guest House and retain your access card till check-out.
        6. Keep the premises clean. Please use dustbins provided to dispose litter.
        7. Use all electric appliances and remotes carefully.
        8. Switch off all lights, fans and switches before leaving the room.
        9. Do not light any incense sticks or lamps in the rooms.
        10. No pets are allowed inside the Oman Guest House.
  1. On Departure.
    1. Ask for your bill to be prepared well in advance and clear the same before you leave.
    2. Please return the access card of your room.
    3. Do not tip the Guest House staff. Drop tip in the “Tip Box” kept in the lobby.

Technical Skills Development

The students trained at the Centre go on to study in various elite design Colleges, thus inspiring the upcoming batches to explore their creativity and experiment with their ideas. The Centre takes pride in the efforts and dedication of its students who convert their innovative ideas into remarkable products.

The Centre was established in 2012 with the objective of training the students in various skill oriented crafts. Earlier, the centre was a part of what is known as the Carpentry and Metal Workshop. The centre aims at acquainting the students with the nuances of making various products through the medium of wood, metal and glass. The students are trained in the technique and process of making products in various mediums. They are exposed to methods like kiln formed glass, painting on glass with metal oxide, stained glass with copper tape and lead came, wood cutting, turning on lathe machine, planing, joining, metal cutting, welding, joining and fixing. The creativity of the students finds expression in awe-inspiring products like wooden and glass chessboard, actual size wooden car, life size human figure wood and glass, as well as in metal rods, wooden and metal animals, toys, glass fish, games like tick-tack in glass and wood, elephant bookshelf, etc. The students use scrap material to make their products. Department also has provision of fire extinguisher and safety measures like safety goggles, gloves, helmet, apron, etc.

The students make the trophies themselves for the various events organised by the School such as trophies for Annual French Festival, Debates, House events, etc. The Centre also invites artists and artisans to orient the students in sculptures made from scrap, metal sculptures, making shields with M-Seal and fibre, etc. The Centre is well equipped with a variety of machines and tools. It has a furnace, a 3-D Printer, CNC Router, lathe machine, planner, welding machines, shaper, etc. The students are trained to use all these machines and tool in order to produce extraordinary craft products. These products are displayed at the Annual Prize Giving Ceremony Exhibition.

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