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Counseling- the walkway from confusion to clarity, from clamor to calmness.

Counseling is integral in shaping students’ behavior and performance and ensuring that they are comfortable in ‘being the same’ and ‘being accepted.’

A boarding school offers a wide range of enriching experiences to every child and also some challenges. While adjusting to a new environment, in the initial stages of being in the boarding, the students do feel home sick at times. They go through personal and/or emotional issues which they may be reluctant to share with their friends, classmates, batchmates, or housemates.

Mayo College offers a comprehensive school counseling program that focuses on the relations and interactions between students and the school environment.

A School Counselor-cum-Child Protection Officer (CPO) is designated by Mayo College 24*7 as a part of pastoral care. The counselor is a support system and an emotional anchor to students and is a person whom they trust and comfortably share their feelings and experiences with.

The counselor ensures that confidentiality is maintained at all times as it forms the base on which the child develops trust and faith in the system. Guidance is provided by the counselor when needed and the students’ psychological and emotional needs are well monitored. Psychological counseling is done where and when required. This gives children the required assurance of having a responsible and caring adult around with whom they can share their fears and concerns.

Various emotional and moral support measures have been implemented in the campus to provide support to the counseling program. Specific policies and committees are in place in the school based on the guidelines issued by CBSE. The concept of ‘Empathy Box,’ is followed with the contact number of the CPO displayed on it. These boxes are placed at various places around the campus within the students’ reach. The students can write and drop notes conveying their views, comments, feelings, concerns and complaints with assurance of confidentiality and redressal. These boxes are checked at regular intervals by the counselor and the issues are suitably addressed.

At Mayo, we look at imbibing the quintessential life skills in all students. Therefore, life skills are a part of the regular school curriculum. Various interactive activities are scheduled for the students, both in and out of classrooms to imbibe these skills in them. The structured program encourages the students to develop five key aspects- self-awareness, empathy, motivation, managing feelings, and social skills.

The counselor leads the school’s counseling program, working closely with teachers, administrators, and other school personnel to help each student succeed. As a consultant the counselor enables parents and guardians to identify their child’s needs and interests and accordingly provide suitable support.

The school endeavors to dovetail life skills, academic and non-academic curricula to enable and equip students to be the best version of themselves and be confident and holistically developed individuals once they step out of Mayo College.

The School Counsellor


Mrs.Garima Sethi


School Behavioural Counsellor

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