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Pastoral Care

Role of House Tutor

In Mayo College mentoring/tutorial system has been incorporated for each boarding house. The aim is to provide individual attention, promoting self-paced and self-directed learning to each student within the boarding house. The focus remains on the quality of study habits rather than the quantity. It helps in boosting confidence, overcoming learning obstacles, and enhancing social and behavioral skills amongst students.

In school, a team of tutorials is assigned amongst all the twelve houses. Each school tutor is responsible for a small group of students (8-10), contributing to their continued academic growth and pastoral care. The Tutors interact with their particular group of students on one to one basis regularly. They have meals with students and ensure that their individual needs, issues, and requirements are attended timely. Working in conjunction with Housemaster/Housemistress, the tutors report all matters related to students’ well-being to the HM. They also contribute to the boarding house’s life by conducting social, cultural, and extra-curricular activities.

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