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Pastoral Care

Role of Housemasters

House Master/House Mistress ensures a vibrant, positive pastoral and academic experience for boys. As the head of the boarding house, the responsibility involves overall leadership, smooth functioning, supervision, staff guidance, and, above all, the students’ safety and welfare.

He/She performs a parental role; as a disciplinarian, an intermediary for any disputes, a confidant, and a spokesperson for students. The responsibility entails a fair, productive, happy, social, and safe learning environment where appropriate behaviors are modelled and promoted.

He/She efficiently manages the entire staff team that includes tutors, matrons, and domestic staff. HM is accountable for every activity in the boarding house and takes a full and active part in all aspects of students’ life. All the school updates, forthcoming events, reminders, and matters relating to School and the boarding House are regularly informed to students by HM.

The housemaster ensures the school policies are consistently adhered by all boarding staff and students. HM also takes timely, proactive measures to avoid violation of rules and ensures a confidentiality culture within the house is maintained.

House Masters/Mistresses serve as the first point of contact between the school and parents. It helps in building a friendly and professional working relationship between the school and parents.


Kamlesh Kumar

Ajaypal House


Durgadas House

Ritu Nautiyal

Prithviraj House

Rajesh Soni

Ajmer House

Paresh Mahawar

Jaipur House

Ashish Rawat

Jodhpur House

Pawan Kumar Joshi

Kashmir House

Harprabhjot Singh

Oman House

Nitin K Vashishtha

Rajasthan House

Kuntal Majumdar Rathore

Bharatpur House

Rajesh Kumar Dhaiya

Colvin House

Ujjwal Mukherjee

BT House

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