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Innovations In Pedagogy

The school is affiliated to the CBSE and Cambridge Boards, yet has created its own unique curriculum till Class 8. This “Open Ended” and “Concept Driven curriculum takes the best from the various curricula available to create a comprehensive framework that encourages creativity and fosters learning concepts in a seamless fashion.

We are cognizant of the fact that boundaries between Subjects are artificial. For example, manufacturing the automobiles of today requires a knowledge of Metallurgy, Physics, Chemistry and Electronics. At Mayo we teach Concepts and not Subjects. Our Faculty has mapped content across disciplines and often delivers concepts by working together in Inter-Disciplinary Teams.

In fact, our pedagogy sometimes extends to working with other Schools and other countries. Our students recreated a crime in Spain – the theft of a Leonardo da Vinci painting from a palace and solved this case using Forensic Science. This required a Multi- Disciplinary approach covering aspects such as Blood Analysis and a study of the Web Cameras and Alarm Systems. For this Project we collaborated with 30 Schools all over the world.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is defined as the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior. It makes our digital, automated processes smarter. It also enhances the reliability quotient of any technology. At Mayo, AI is learnt through gaming applications and later on by using Python language.

Educational Robotics

Educational robotics strengthen and support students’ skills in developing their knowledge through the creation, design, assembly, and operation of robots. Young students find it engaging because they feel free to interact directly with both electrical and mechanical processes and procedures. Robotics prepare students for the competitive workforce of tomorrow. By programming robots, students can discover if their aptitudes and interests correspond to those skills that will define the job market of the future, like programming, science technology or engineering. Working on a robot stimulates students to build their engineering intuition and emphasizes the meaningful problem-based learning through the integration and application of their knowledge. Strategic problem-solving, computational thinking, higher order thinking, logical and analytical reasoning: these are just a few examples of the abilities developed by educational robotics, abilities that will be fundamental in a lot of professional areas.

Finally, we believe in Continuous Assessment to minimise stress and we also believe in complete transparency in assessment.

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