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Uniform Rules

The School Uniform

Grey Shorts (Terricot) (School color)

Grey Trousers (Terricot) (School color)

Grey Stockings (School Pattern)

College Tie (not the designer tie sold at the College stores)

Grey Pullover (long sleeves-V-neck; Sleeveless-V-neck) School pattern

White Shirts (half sleeves or full sleeves)

Navy-Blue Blazer ordinary with two School Crest buttons (not double breasted)

Black Socks (with Grey Trousers)

Black Shoes with laces (not slip on)

For Special Occasions

White Terricot Trousers

White Jodhpuri Coat (not for the Junior Section)

Black Terricot Trousers

Safa (House Color) (not for the Junior Section)

The Dress for Games

Football, Hockey & Basket-Ball: White/Blue PT Shirts, Navy Blue Shorts, Navy Blue Stocking, PT Shoes/Football Boots, Blue Pullover (Sleeveless)

Cricket: White Pullover, White PT Shirt, White Trousers, White Socks, White PT Shoes/Cricket Shoes

Tennis, Squash & Table Tennis: White PT Shirt, White Shorts, White PT Shoes, White Socks, Blue Pullover (Sleeveless)

Athletics: College Track-Suit, College/House Running Shorts, White/Navy Blue PT Shirt, Navy Blue Shorts, White PT Shoes/Spikes, Navy Blue Stockings/Socks

PT/Gymnastics: White/Blue PT Shirt, Navy Blue Shorts, Navy Blue Stockings, White PT Shoes, Blue Pullover (Sleeveless)

Riding: Breaches/ Blue Jeans, Helmet, White/ Blue PT Shirt


Students are expected to wear proper school uniform in school

Strict uniformity is to be maintained

There should be no saddle stitching or any other kind of stitching on the outside

Shorts should be long enough to come down within three inches above the knees

Fashionable designs and fancy variations in shades are not permitted. Parents are advised to buy from school store to avoid variation of shades

The hemming should be done properly and it should not be opened

Trousers should not be too long. They should not be sweeping the ground

The parent should provide an alarm clock and a water bottle to his ward

Vandalism of any kind will be taken as a serious offence

All boys travelling to and fro-homeward and schoolward journey under escort including trips to represent the school for sports, debates etc. Should be in the School kit

On special occasions the boys may be required to come to mess in White Jodhpuri Coats, Black Trousers and Black Shoes

PT/Games dress on Sundays up to Class XI. Class XII boys are permitted to wear home dress on Sundays

College dress for all meals on all the working days

Disruption of any school related activity or mob attitude will be considered as a very serious offence

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