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PTM & Outings

Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTMs) and Outings scheduled on designated weekends facilitate visits by Parents to a residential school to meet the staff and their wards. It also helps the school avail the other weekends to conduct important academic and co-curricular activities which require longer time and cannot be conducted on weekdays.

Frequent visits by parents to a residential school unsettle the newly admitted boys and distracts other boys from their routine

Parents and guardians can have an update on their ward’s progress through inputs from HM / AHM / resident dames and subject teachers through e-mails and interaction during PTMs.

Aim of SOP

To lay down guidelines for scheduling PTMs and notifying outing dates.


The broad guidelines for scheduling PTMs are

Frequency. PTMs are generally scheduled on second and fourth Saturdays of certain months which are also Night Outing days. These will be indicated in the School Calendar. (All second and fourth Saturdays are NOT PTM days. Please check the school calendar posted on the website for the designated PTM days)

Venue (i) Jr Sch. Jr School Academic Block. (ii) Sr Sch. New Block.

Assistance. Boys of Class VII will break early from classes, have lunch and assist the Teachers organize the meeting.

Timings. PTMs will commence 15 minutes after lunch and last for 1½ hours. If required, the time will be extended to ensure all parents are attended.

Lunch for Parents. Lunch for parents will be organized as follows: (i) Jr Sch Mess. For Jr School parents. (ii) Sr Sch Mess. For Sr School parents.


Outings are of two kinds viz Day Outings and Night Outings.

Requests received by the School from parents and guardians seeking permission to take their wards on unscheduled outings, especially on weekends, will be declined. The parents need to be explained that on weekends the boys and staff are engaged in important activities such as inter school or house tournaments, trekking, social service, rehearsals or catching up with academic work which they may have missed / not completed.

Night Outing Days. Night outings will be scheduled on select second and fourth Saturdays of a month. (Check the calendar for the dates). Night outings will not be scheduled / permitted during the following periods / occasions:-

a. No night outing during first 30 days of the term.

b. No night outings during last 30 days of the term.

c. No night outing for a student on Correction Drill. (Parents need to check with AHM / HM before planning a visit to the School).

d. A student can avail only one night outing with parents or a day outing with a local guardian in a month.

e. Night Outing Timings. Students will be permitted to leave for night outing 30 mins after lunch and will report 30 mins before dinner on the following day to the AHM / HM.

Day Outings

Outing under escort of Local Guardians. A student can avail one day outing with their local guardians in a month as notified in the school calendar and if a night outing has not been availed with the parents.

Class XII Day Outings. Students of Class XII will be given a day outing once a month. A second day outing in a month may be given at the discretion of the Principal.

Day Outing on 26 Jan and 15 Aug.

(i) 26 Jan. Students of Classes XI and XII can avail a day outing after the function and report back 30 mins before dinner.

(ii) 15 Aug. Students of Classes XI and XII and other students who have local guardians at Ajmer or whose parents are visiting can avail a day outing only after the function and the football match and report back at school 30 mins before dinner.

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