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Mayo College shall have a selected body from the class 12 students who will be nominated to tenant the appointments in the Monitors and Prefects Council (hereafter referred to have M & PC) of Mayo College.

The M & PC is an important body and great deliberation needs to take place before appointing the students to the M & PC.

Selection of the Council

Boys to M & PC are selected by a body comprising the Principal, Vice Principal, Director of Academics, Director of Sports, eight senior Housemasters and Oman Housemaster.

Selection is based on Boy’s conduct, academic & sports achievements and the moral values of the student.


The aim of having the M & PC is to give an opportunity to selected students to tenant responsible position in the College and in doing so help the Staff in the following

To ensure high moral of the boys

Well-being of all boys

Excellence in academics and sports at Mayo College

Inculcating good values amongst the boys

Inculcating very high state of discipline amongst the boys

Be examples /role model leaders to their peers and juniors.

Definition of College Captain

A College Captain is a class 12 boy selected to lead the entire College. He will assist the Principal in maintaining the customs and uphold the traditions and values of the College. He will assist the Vice Principal in ensuring that the Boys are disciplined adhere to the School routine in a proper manner and are well informed of all the activities. He will be assisted by the House Captains, MI Captain, Academic Captain, Sports Captain and Cultural Activities Captain.

Definition of House Captain

A House Captain is a class 12 boy selected to lead his House. He will discharge his duties to his House and in addition will assist the School Captain to discharge duties to the entire College. Thus he will also be an ex-officio College Monitor.

Definition of House Prefect

A House Prefect is a class 12 boy selected to act as a vice to the House Captain. He will discharge his duties as promulgated from time to time in respect of his House only.

Organization of the M & PC

Note : All Captains shown above have the powers of College Monitors i.e. they can check a student of any house and issue corrective drills if required.

Duties of a House Captain

1. He is responsible to be a role model to his peers and juniors in the House.

2. He is responsible for the care, well-being and high morale of the Boys of his House.

3. He is responsible to assist the House Master in discharge of the latter’s duties.

4. He is responsible to ensure that all Boys of the House are aware of all the orders and instructions, passed on from time to time.

5. He will assist the House Master in ensuring that all Boys get an opportunity to participate and train in all the House Games. He will also assist the House Master in selection and training of the House Teams.

6. He will ensure that all Boys of the House are properly dressed for the occasion and are on time at the designated places.

7. He will ensure good order and discipline of the Boys in his House and whenever the House is seated/participating in central events.

8. He will ensure no bullying takes place in his House

9. He may be called upon to officiate as the School / MI Captain in their absence. Separate specific orders will be issued for this.

10. He will discharge all the duties of the House Prefect in his absence and will be conversant with such duties.

11. He will assist the School Captain to discharge his duties and maintain discipline and in doing so will have the right to :-

a. Check students of other houses

b. Administer Corrective Drills as laid down in the “Corrective Drills Manual” to Boys of any House if required.

12. He will take orders from the House Master for dissemination to the boys of the House & give a feedback/report to the Housemaster.

13. He will disseminate School Orders passed down by the School Captain from time to time.

14. He would be responsible for maintaining the House property entrusted to his charge.

15. He will be responsible to ensure a conducive atmosphere for English being the sole medium of conversation in the House/ School.

Duties of a House Prefect

1. He will be understudy to the House Captain and will discharge his duties in his absence.

2. He will assist the House Captain to ensure an environment of brotherhood camaraderie and spirit-de-corps within the house.

3. He will ensure no bullying takes place.

4. He will ensure all new boys are looked after and a ‘Boy Guardian’ is appointed to look after him/assist him.

5. He will ensure upkeep of the dorms/rooms and premises.

6. He will be responsible for the upkeep of the Common Room and facilities provided therein.

7. He will carry out the ‘Morning and every Inspection’ of the Boys and dorms/rooms.

8. He will ensure proper conduct of the preps.

9. He will be responsible for fair and equitable distribution of food/ snacks etc. whenever wherever served House wise.

10. He will ensure timely lights out.

11. He will administer Corrective Drills as laid down in the ‘Corrective Drills Manual’ to only his House Boys, if required.

12. The House Prefect shall carry out the above-mentioned duties, in good faith within the laid down norms, rules and regulation, both written and unwritten, with the consent of the House Master. His attitude towards all juniors will be of a helping elder brother/mentor/role model.

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