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Birthday Rules

Aim of SOP

To lay down guidelines and procedures to celebrate birthdays of boys in Junior School.


A birthday is an emotional occasion for parents and their wards at School. The School’s past experience has been that while majority of the parents had the birthday party conducted in an appropriate manner, some indulgent parents threw a lavish birthday party with return gifts etc. At times requests were also received from parents seeking permission to come to School to celebrate their ward’s birthday. This is not permitted. However, the School organizes a birthday party on their behalf for their ward.

This Standing Operating Procedure aims to ensure that birthday parties are celebrated in an appropriate, dignified and enjoyable manner.

Venue And Responsibilities

Birthdays parties will be celebrated preferably in the House Common Rooms/House Lawns. Junior School Mess can be utilized during inclement weather.

The Housemaster assisted by the Resident Dame will be responsible for all arrangements.

Guest List

The Birthday Boy should invite his entire House (approx. 60 to 65 students including Staff Children) and the House Faculty, Staff and employees.
The Birthday Boy will be permitted to invite his brother or cousins from the other Houses. Friends from other Houses will however not be invited as the list will become endless!

Days & Timings

Birthday parties will be celebrated between 5 PM to 6 PM, preferably on 2nd or 4th Sundays or preceding Saturdays.


All boys attending the Birthday party to be appropriately dressed in the school uniform of the season.


The Birthday Boy to cut the Birthday cake. Few photographs to be taken of the occasion.

During Assembly

All boys to recite the Birthday Grace followed by the Birthday Song.

The Birthday Boy will be given a greeting card during the Assembly on the day of his birthday or one day prior if the birthday falls on a holiday / when assembly is not scheduled.

During Party

Snacks to be distributed in a well-planned manner. Crockery to be provided by the Mess. No disposable/plastic crockery will be used to avoid pollution/litter.

Boys shall not litter the area. It will be the responsibility of all the guests to clean the area after the party.

All boys must thank the Birthday Boy and his parents if present after the party.

Expenditure & Menu

Not more than 75/- per head will be permitted to be spent on a birthday party (i.e. Not more than 4500/- even if the strength is beyond 65 guests.)

Should a birthday party not be celebrated then the Birthday Boy can be given canteen cheques worth of 500/- to treat his friends in the canteen.

Should there be more than one boy celebrating a birthday in one House then the expenditure will be shared between all the boys who are hosting the party i.e. additional expenditure of an extra cake and 4500/- will be shared between the boys.

Suggested Menu

1 Cake (2 Kg @ Rs 350/- per kg) Rs 700/-
2 Juice (1 per head @ Rs 15/- x 65) Rs 975/-
3 One Sweet – Barfee, Gulab Jamun (1 per head @ Rs 15/- x 65) Rs 975/-
4 One Salty Snack – Patty, Burger, Pizza (1 per head @ Rs 15/- x 65) Rs 975/-
5 Veg Sandwich (1 per head @ Rs 5/- x 65) Rs 325/-
6 Contribution to Bird Feed Rs 300/-
7 Tips to Farrash (Rs 75/- x 2) Rs 150/-
TOTAL Rs 4400/- (Rs 4500/-)

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