In-Charge : Dr RL Trivedi

    Mayo College campus has a Krishna Temple which was donated by H.H.Maharajadhiraj Maharaja Shri Yagyanarain Singh Ji of Kishangarh in 1936. The Temple was constructed to give spiritual and religious values to the students of college.

    The Following festivals are celebrated in the Temple:

    • Holi

    • Ramnavami

    • Shri Krishna Janmashtami

    • Ganesh Chaturthi

    • Jaljhoolani Ekadashi with its procession

    • Lakshami Poojan at Diwali

    The Temple has a permanent residential priest and a Temple Incharge.

    Students come to temple for four days a week in the Morning Prayer viz class wise Monday Class 7, Wednesday Class 8, Thursday Class 9 and Friday Class 10.

    Boys are provided with a prayer book containing several prayers by the temple.

    The temple is entirely financed by the college but receives some donations at times by parents and guests.

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