Captain -

    Supervisor - Mr Himanshu Pandey

    The school has a sprawling new 9-hole Golf Course. It is very encouraging to see the luxuriant greens blushing all along the fairways and the smooth greens for all nine holes that are functional. The gradually filling up water hazards have added to the luxury of the course which is also doubling as our new Eco Park.

    Every year according to the students interest 30 boys and 20 girls are enrolled for the coaching of Golf. The newcomers are learning about grips on the clubs and testing the range of clubs with different numbers presently on the driving range whereas those who had started taking lessons last term are confidently playing the holes already, some on par as well.

    Some of the coaching group boys also take part in following tournaments:

    a. Rajasthan Junior/Sub Junior Golf Championship, Jaipur.

    b. DGC Junior /Sub Junior Golf Championship, Delhi.

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